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Bras being used to combat human trafficking in Mozambique.

The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery

Editor’s note: Watch “Mozambique or Bust” on CNN International: Friday, February 15 at 1630 GMT, Saturday Feb. 16 at 1400 GMT and 2130 GMT, and repeats Sunday until Wednesday.

Denver, Colorado (CNN) — Tashina was trafficked for sex when she was 15-years-old. Ofelia, when she was 12.

Tashina finds it helpful to talk about it. “We lived in darkness,” she said. For Ofelia, talking about the past is too painful. She just winds up crying.

But both women smile broadly as they talk about their future. A future filled with promise and hope, thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger half a world away from their home in Mozambique.

Kimba Langas is a college-educated, stay-at-home mom in suburban Denver, Colorado. She says she grew up in a middle class family with loving parents, never wanting for anything.

“I am fortunate,” Langas said. “I was born at the right…

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Welcome to my blog site! This site will contain information about policy and issues surrounding human trafficking, the second largest criminal enterprise in the world. Policy surrounding human trafficking is of particular importance to the Richmond area because of its location at the intersection of three major highways and at the center of the east coast, making it very attractive to those in the trafficking business. I’m hoping that the content of this blog will shock, offend, and empower you to action! Don’t be a spectator, join the movement today to end human trafficking.