The Backstory Campaign

Sometimes I wonder how much of an impact we as students can actually make in social policy. Human trafficking is a global issue that certainly won’t be resolved overnight, but honestly, I sometimes wonder no matter how loud we scream, will our voices actually be heard? As I continue to research and see what others are doing to combat human trafficking, I’m becoming more inspired and more energized everyday. I think that people tend to underestimate our passion and our determination because we’re either young or new to policy advocacy (I’d consider myself still in the infantile stage). But nonetheless, we do have a voice and not using it to affect change makes us just as much a part of the problem.

MTV has launched a new interactive, anti-slavery campaign inspired by a winni130129181119-freedom-dance-1-story-topng entry in its “Against Our Will” project on the college network, mtvU. “The Backstory” contains a series of dance videos that show how women can be trafficked into prostitution and immigrants into forced labor.

‘Backstory” grew out of the winning entry, from four students at James Madison University, in mtvU’s “Against Our Will” challenge, which asked students for innovative ways to use the internet to highlight the problems of modern-day slavery.

The “Against Our Will” campaign aims to encourage students to take a stand against human trafficking. It works with Polaris Project, Free the Slaves and Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS).


3 responses to “The Backstory Campaign

  • objonesmsw13

    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about the “Against Our Will” campaign, but I’m familiar with the Polaris Project and I consider them to be a reputable advocacy organization.

  • HooverS

    I completely understand the struggle of wondering if our voices are (or ever will be) heard. I think the fact that RJI has developed over the past couple of years and all the advocacy they do shows the power we have in the process. Hard to see at times…but alas, change is happening!

  • eliscorey35

    I was just going to tell you to check out Richmond Justice Initiative, but I see Sherry already mentioned it. They are doing amazing things.

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