Why Human Trafficking?

labor_traffickingYou know how the saying goes: that thing that gets under your skin the most or extremely irritates you is something in which you should be involved toward bringing change. That’s part of why I have an interest in policy concerning human trafficking. It truly is modern day slavery. It bothers me that children are being forced/coerced into the commercial sex and labor trades by the hundreds of thousands every year, in the U.S.! What bothers me more is that human trafficking is the second largest criminal enterprise in the world! People are making serious money by victimizing innocent people and are continuing to do so as I am typing this post! It’s one of those things that make you say, “why isn’t someone doing something about it?” Well, I think the first step is to bring awareness to the issue. That’s the purpose of this blog. From now until May, I will devote as much of myself as possible to not only further educating myself, but others as well so that slavery of every kind will finally be stopped.


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